Saturday, August 23, 2008


Got my hair done today. The lengths I go to try and look pretty. Emphasis on "try." I couldn't pass up the opportunity to take a picture of this. Do you know how hard it is to slide your camera out of your purse and take a picture of yourself in a salon full of people without someone saying, "Hey, look at the crackpot over there taking a picture of herself!" I was in ultimate stealth mode.

Apparently no one saw me do it cause not a word was uttered. Or they thought I was a crazy lady with aluminum in her hair so the aliens can't suck her brain out and they figured it best not to ask too many questions. Whatever the reason, I didn't embarrass myself at the salon by whippin' out my camera. Can't say the same about the silver mohawk.


BITR Country Girl said...

What exactly did you have done to your hair? I really don't like it when they use foil on me when I have my hair done...But small price to pay to try and look good.

The Wife said...

Well, I had my highlights touched up and got some lowlights put in. Wanting to go a little dark for fall. I change my hair color all the time.

Kellys said...

Yeah, I hated the pink.... :)


Bekah said...

i have ALWAYS wanted to have foil in my hair, but I have never ever dyed it, im way too much of a pansy to try! When do we get to see an after pic???

Catty Wampus said...

Hi; I found your blog through Train Wreck! I love your stories and the horse thing I can identify with; that is why I ride a motorcycle; I think horses are beautiful; but I started riding late in life and really after we bought one and paid way too much for it I know now; we had to let go of it because we could never get the acre we live on done up enough for the horse; so he was always boarded too far away. And while he was my Christmas present; he always tried to bite me or the worst was when he tried to hump me; he became a gelding after that!!! So we just did not click; my DH had a horse farm in Montana, but we just don't have that kind of room here in MI; at least not yet; Have fun with the four wheeler; it is sooo much easier; I hope you will stop by and visit; I have pics of my furkids on my blog; I'll take a dog anytime!!!

Train Wreck said...

Oh yes you have to stop by Merries! She is awesome! Wanna win something go there!
Ok now back to the foil!! You crack me up! Look how hot you look even with the reynolds wrap do! I would never think to take a picture of myself at the beauty salon! Ok so when are you postin the "after" c'mon I wanna see it!!