Saturday, July 19, 2008

New Task

The husband had discussed wanting a website for our cattle a week or so ago. I thought "how hard could it be? This blog thing is pretty easy. Didn't take me that long to get it up and runnin'!" So a little after lunch today, I got on the internet and registered our domain name. Did a little reading and decided who to use for the web hosting. Easy cheesy so far! Next task, pick a template and start entering the information. Wow, this seemed way too easy! Well, 8 hours later, I'm still trying to get information on the site. Adding pages, changing text, uploading pictures and videos. It might help if the computer would quit freezing. Kinda puts a kink in the creative process when you have to restart. It's a work in progress but if you'd like to check it out, the link is below.

The blog is much easier to maintain. But maybe after I get the initial stuff on the website, the occasional additions won't be so bad. I'll keep my fingers crossed!

1 comment:

Mikey said...

AWESOME!! I love this. I'm exploring back thru your archives. Your site looks fantastic! I love that you raise rough stock. Love love love it!!!