Thursday, July 31, 2008

Back Home

I returned home late yesterday evening. Plenty tired from the training and the drive. Everyone seemed happy to see me and glad I was back. To prove that I was actually working in San Antonio, here are some pictures from the training. My batteries were going dead and I was trying to take pictures when I had a spare second. I didn't get very good ones but they are proof I did more than drink virgin daiquiris on the riverwalk.

This is the "gauntlet." Don't you want to walk thru a bunch of "redmen" wondering which one is going to attack you!

One of our participants going one on one with a "redman."

So see there, I did work while I was gone. Very important stuff.

I also received two of my anniversary presents while I as in S.A. When I arrived back to my office last night, the husband had ordered me a cowgirl picture. It had been delivered and was sitting in my office. Then when I got home, I got my other anniversary present....

my new spurs that we custom ordered. Cool, huh! Aren't they so pretty. I told the husband I was going to wear them to work today with my heels. He said he didn't think that was a good idea. What a party pooper! I think they are awesome. The husband has been wearing one of his anniversary presents boots. Plus, he said I could pay for the mineral feeder he got for the cows as part of his anniversary too. We are just so romantic.

With all this anniversary talk, it got me to thinkin'. Leading up to our 10 year anniversary on August 9th, I am going to post vignettes about us meeting, dating, gettin' engaged and married. I have all kinds of good stories to keep ya entertained. Can hardly wait, huh!


Kellys said... got TWO of your anniversary gifts....two....just how many do you think you are gonna get??

The Wife said...

You know I am the princess!