Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Published Photographer

I had a very exciting morning. I was driving to work as usual and I saw a large plume of black smoke start filling the air up ahead of me. I thought maybe it was a grass fire cause we've had lots of those lately. But that quickly left my thoughts cause the smoke was too black and too dense. As I got closer, I could see vehicles on the shoulders and others stopped in the road. I thought to myself, this ain't gonna be good. As I approached the scene, I realized something had gone over the country overpass and was on fire down below. Due to the line of cars, I couldn't get a good view though. There was a semi parked on the shoulder and it's driver ran with his fire extingisher towards the accident. By the looks of the flames, however, that small extingisher was not going to put a dent in the fire. And sure enough, his efforts were very short lived. Finally, some cars started easing passed the crash site. Oh course, I had my camera with me and pulled it out. As I got closer, I took a few shots of the flames. I couldn't see below and I didn't dare get out of my truck. As I drove past the flames, something exploded. I decided I shouldn't dilly dally and went on. About a mile down the road, the first responder flew by me with his lights and sirens on headed to the scene. I arrived at work and decided to email my pictures to the local tv station. What the heck, I thought. After lunch, I decided to look the story up and see if the driver of the truck was okay. I found the story on the local tv station's website and read the driver survived with only minor scrapes and bruises. Than I saw a photo link to the story. I clicked on the link and see for yourself!


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