Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Grandma's Party

After the graduation party, we headed over to the aunt and uncle's "garage" for grandma's party. And I use that word "garage" loosely! They have remodeled the place and it is very nice. My pictures do not do it justice. Hung out with the family and had some yummy spaghetti. Even drank water from a wine glass. Felt so sophisticated. Thanks Aunt J. for allowing this country girl to experience the ways of the well mannered and polished. Which I ain't...

The husband with the party honoree-Grandma.
I'm like a bug, attracted to neon lights. There just so daggum pretty.

What else is pretty. A whole bunch of shiny bikes. Just makes you want to get on one.

I told you. Just makes you want to get on. Couldn't help myself. It will probably be the only time I will ever have an opportunity to sit on a Harley. Had the jacket to pull it off too. I think I have a little biker chick in me. So you think if you can ride a horse, you can ride a bike?

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Kellys said...

If you want to take a ride on a REAL bike, just let me know. We have a great Goldwing!! pk