Thursday, May 8, 2008


I got home from work this evening and found the Husband and Pops at the neighbor's fishin' hole. They said they had just thrown out their lines. Later I found out that they had their lines in our tank most of the morning. As you will see, they are quite the master fisherman.......
Pop with his prize catch of the day.

The Husband with his trophy winner....sad, huh!

That's me pickin' out the best tastin' worm of the bunch.

Alright, can you see my massive fish. I know it looks like the bait hanging from my hand but I am very talented. It takes years of fishing experience to master the skill of catching such small fish.

Some call it bait, I call it "The Catch of the Day!"


Kellys said...

What is the deal with the stick to dig out the worms. I thought you were a country girl. Anyone that would name their Blog "Gizzards and Calf Fries" should be able to use their fingers to dig out a worm. "I know if it aint a stick and it is yer finger I got it coming. Well I am ready fer ya!"

By the way I do like the blog. The country woman you posted kinda looks like you too.
Paula,s bad half

The Wife said...

That wasn't a stick. That was my dainty finger. Or stickly looking finger I suppose.

The Wife said...
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