Wednesday, January 29, 2014

What Up Wednesday....Not much...

Happy Wednesday everyone!  Not much to update.  The husband has his appointment with Dr. Nguyen, the radiation oncologist, tomorrow.  It'll be a short meeting for the husband to sign treatment paperwork.  Then he'll have a planning CT scan so they know exactly where to zap him.  They told him it would be about 7-10 days from tomorrow when he'll actually start radiation.  It takes that long to get approval from the insurance for his treatment.  It will be the first appointment I haven't attended with him.  I may call Nurse Kim and have her pin a note to his shirt of all the important points discussed. ;) But they did say it is pretty much the same appointment that we already went to previously so I'm a little less worried about missing any details.

Wanted to also thank everyone that supported my half marathon run.  I completed it this past Sunday.  We raised $150 which covers the cost of 1.5 bone marrow tissue typing for a donor.  Pretty cool!  Also wanted to thank everyone that came out and got swabbed to be a part of the registry.  The husband personally thanked the people signing up while I was getting swabbed.  We are just so fortunate.

Gonna leave you with my race pic.  This was around mile 12.  I was almost done!!

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