Saturday, September 22, 2012

More Changes Ahead!

Seems to be an ongoing thing around here! First I have to tell y'all our bull won another competition!

He has won two on the series and we will be headed to Vegas at the end of October!!! We are so excited. The last competition we watched live online. We had to wait for 48 more bulls to buck after he took the lead. It seemed like FOREVER! After the last bull's score was posted, the husband and I were doing a happy dance around the computer. ;)

Other big news for us, we're moving! The husband got a promotion with Dr Pepper and will be working near Austin. So that means Crazy M Ranch will be moving South. We have put our place up for sale. Fingers crossed we find a buyer so we can afford something down there.

Everything is kinda up in the air right now which drives me insane. Speaking of driving insane, we weaned our calves today. We'll be serenaded with bawling for several days to come. Poor babies.

I want to leave you with Butch's latest modeling project. He's still working off that vet bill! ;)

**this is my first attempt at blogging from my phone so I hope it turns out!**


Gail said...

That is all amazing news. The bull is magnificent. I'm hoping he is still a bull and you can cash in on his prodigy.

Dr Pepper, I knew there was something special about your man besides the way he fills out a pair of wranglers.

What is meant to happen will happen. You might be surprised about how quickly all this will move. The right person is out there just looking for your ranch. Your contacts should also get the word out.

Shirley said...

Methinks we'll be seeing a lot of that bull and hopefully at the NFR someday!
Butch is a real cutey.
Hope you get your place sold soon- and don't get too stressed out over moving.

Farmchick said...

Just stopping in to say hi....great photos! Hope you can take some time to come on over and visit my farm. :)

Anonymous said...

henry askes
are u going to sell ur photo studeo an all ur bulls an cows too what are you keeping never did get south to get shirt my cancer started back up just wondering hate to see you quit taking pics were good 4leggs an 2leggs just wondering miss,

lisa said...

That is fantastic! Good for you both! I have to say that I don't envy you and the moving part! I have moved half way across the country twice and I hope I don't do it again, well, if it meant leaving NY state I would leave in a heart beat! Good luck and great news on the the bull!

LindaG said...

Oh wow. Congratulations, good luck and God bless! ♥

Lil Mama said...

Oh Boy! And all in time for the holiday season.

Weekend Cowgirl said...

Good luck on moving. I bet you will find something good! Hope your place sells soon...