Sunday, October 2, 2011

Hello October!

We have some cooler temps.  Well, cooler as in less than 100.  Now we just need rain.  But one wish at a time right?!

So what have we been up to around here.  Not a whole lot.  More of the same.  Workin' our jobs and workin' our place.

Last weekend I ran on a team for a 5K race.  I ran as a cat.

The bell on my collar was quite annoying.  Jingle, jingle, jingle for 3 miles.  I got plenty of stares as I ran up on people.  I would just look at them and say "yes, I know it's annoying!"  But my team's theme was "walk on the wild side" and they wanted everyone to dress up as an animal.  Of course, I'm the only one that ran the race so I had to choose my outfit accordingly.  We did win craziest team!

The kids are all good.  The Husband was giving them treats here.

They have another raccoon treed in the yard.  Noticed it yesterday.  This morning Diesel and Penelope were on guard duty.  However, I don't think they were doing a very good job.

We have several things coming up this month.  I have a big photo shoot next Saturday.  13 mini sessions to benefit the local nonprofit spay/neuter clinic.  Then at the end of the month, Stubby is entered in a bull competition .  Fingers crossed they all go well!


fernvalley01 said...

busy times! tha cat suit was adorable , and Penelope is GINORMOUS!!!!

Growing Up A Country Girl said...

Good to hear that all is well and that the temps have cooled down a bit... Penelope has grown up - anxious to see how Stubby does.. good luck!

LindaG said...

Maybe pick a tiger next time. No bells. ;)
Hope you all have a wonderful month!

Shirley said...

Nice to hear from you! I know how tough it is to get motivated to do anything when it's hot out (and our heat is nowhere near as bad as yours!) so kudos on doing the 5 K run.
I too thought Penelope is huge- she looks bigger than Diesel.
Hope Stubby does well!

Sydney said...

Penelope is HUGE now wow! Looking good in your cute cat outfit. I wish I had a running buddy but no one runs with me.

The Coolidges said...

Love your blog. Looking forward to reading more, but I must sleep tonight, sometime. :)

Hope to see you following us at



Linda said...

Looking good there Kitty! I had no idea Penny was Diesel size! Wasn't she just a wee pup like last week, LOL!

lisa said...

Love the ears ;) Good luck to Stubby and my fingers are crossed!