Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Busy Ranch Weekend

So much for a relaxing holiday weekend!  The Husband had different plans!  He left the house early Saturday morning to go round up cows and calves at our lease place.  He made it home around 10ish.  I got the pens ready at the house.  Unloaded the cows into the pasture.  Put the neighbor's bull in a pen behind the barn.  For some reason, he thinks our pasture is much better than his own.  I don't blame him though, my girls are pretty cute!  Then we hauled the babies to Rent-a-Husband's house.  They were gettin' bucked the next morning.

So after a night's rest, the babies had to show what they were made of.  Have to say, we were pretty proud of the group as a whole.  Here are a couple of them....

We took the babies home that afternoon.  They were pretty tired after an eventful couple days.  We put them in the pen next to the barn.  Mommas were at the fence crying.  Babies were at the fence crying.  Ahh, the lovely sounds of weaning time.

Monday, we took the neighbor's bull home.  Then went and checked the cows at the lease.  We were able to catch a few more that we needed.  As we loaded them up, Stubby got upset.  He didn't want us to take them away.  We started to pull away from the pens and Stubby stood in front of our truck!

He was so peeved at us!  I was just happy he didn't bash my truck!  Big stinker! We finally managed to get by him and head home.

I had to go to work today just to rest!


Reddunappy said...

Wow that first little guy sure caught some air!!!!

Awe poor Stubbie.

fernvalley01 said...

Wow! those little fellas can buck!!!!

lisa said...

I sure don't know about you but we sure work harder at home than we ever do at our day job during the week! The babies are lookin good but then again what do I know!

LindaG said...

We usually feel the same way after a vacation. Go to work to get a break.
The calves look great!

Nicole said...

how would you explain a bull head in your grill to the insurance man... LOL