Thursday, December 9, 2010

Treats for my Peeps

Well this week has had it's moments.  It started on Tuesday.  I came home from work with a horrible headache. One of those that makes you upset to your stomach.  Yea, not good.  So I got in bed around 7pm.  I'm laying there, trying to be as still as possible and all of a sudden, I hear the most gawd awful noise.  It sounded like there was a monster in the attic, jumping up and down and roaring.

Well, it wasn't a monster.  It was our heater!  So I got out of bed, turned the heater off and got back in bed.  Then I called the Husband to inform him that something was wrong with it.  Not that he could do anything about it from work, but I wanted him to know why it wasn't on when he came home.

Yesterday I got home to a cold house.  I decided to warm the house up with the oven.  I baked the Husband his favorite...Snickerdoodles and made the dogs....Snickerpoodles!  Plus I'm volunteering for a big adoption event this Saturday and they are having a bake sale.  I wanted to make dog treats for it as well.  Both turned out great.  All the dogs loved the snickerpoodle cookies.  I'll post the recipe if y'all are interested.   I left the Husband his cookies on the counter.  This morning he told me the cookies were good but were those he ate the human ones?  He was hoping so.  He's so silly!

Can I just tell you last night was COLD without a heater!  I wore a long sleeve shirt, a sweatshirt, long john bottoms and two pairs of socks to bed.  (okay, I may be a slight wuss when it comes to cold.  Texans aren't used to very cold temps.)  As I left the husband with the covers over his head, he told me we WOULD have heat today.

He called the repair man out.  The guy told us that our heater was a piece of crap (yea, like our AC that went out 3 years ago).  He could replace the parts but it would be better just to replace the entire unit.  So now we just have to pay $1600.  Ugh! Not what I really wanted for Christmas.  He said we could run the heater sparingly until he changes it out on Saturday.  It can go completely out at any time.  Now it just makes noise but still puts out heat.  So at least the house is warm.....loud but warm.

How's your week going?


the Goodwife said...

I was just wondering about you a couple hours ago. So glad that the snickerpoodles turned out great and of course we want the recipe! Sorry to hear your heater has taken a carp. In the last couple months our fridgerator and our washer have died! Not fun at all

Have fun at the adoption event and stay safe and warm!

Linda said...

I do ginger cookies for the dogs here. Sorry your cold but I'll trade you any day ;)

Shirley said...

Seems like a lot of money for new furnace... mind you it's been a long time since I've had to buy one. Bet you were wishing you had a fireplace!
Sorry to hear about your headache, hope it's all gone.

Gail said...

Good luck with your adoption event.

Stay warm!

Mikey said...

Oh my gosh, this is not the time to be heaterless! The appliances of the world are revolting, I'm sure of it now.

wilsonc said...

There are tax credits for energy efficient furnaces right now from the government. I keep hearing that they could cover up to 80% of the cost. Ask your furnace person. They should know about this and KEEP YOUR RECEIPT!

Cedar View Paint Horses said...

Yay! Bills for Christmas! I feel your pain. Truck repairs are going to cost me about $3k. Ho Ho Ho!

btw, a new boiler system up here in God's Country (WI) is about $7500.

LindaG said...

We had to replace our AC/heat pump unit a couple years ago.
Cost us about $5000.
You should be able to take a tax deduction, with any luck.
And a new unit will probably use less energy. Ours used about 30-40% less. That was really nice when it gets really hot!
I do understand how you feel though.

We just spent $500 for the insurance deductible to get our truck fixed from the accident we had on our vacation. Saved about $600 there. Sort of.

Chipped a tooth on popcorn the other day so will be making a trip to the dentist. Need to remember I can't eat the Old Maids any more. ;)

Have a great weekend! ♥

Lil Mama said...

I am a big wuss when it comes to the cold too. That is why it's a good thing the Hunter is a HVAC guy. Heating and prob.

fernvalley01 said...

Hey girl ! I just got home from Vegas, my life has also been warm but loud! Home now and loving the quiet,if not the cold

CCC said...

Shoot doesn't that bullboy of yours keep you warm? Just teasing. All of us in the great white north know what it means to be cold and we feel for you. It's pretty sad about the money, such poor timing. If I could only win the lottery . . . (but then I would have to spend $2 and buy a ticket and well I am Welsh and pretty tight with my money) if I did I could sure have a lot of fun being Santa with all the people I know having problems.

K. T. Sparks said...

Oh dear sounds like you suffer from migraines also! I am sorry you have to have those. You will be glad you had to get the new heater when your utility bills are less hopefully. Isn't that the way it always goes...Christmas and the heater goes out....our surprise was we need new shingles and I didn't want those for Christmas either..... I always say you gotta do the stuff nobody ever sees and you can never afford to do the fun stuff that people awwww over....oh well at least we are warm and the roof dosen't leak! LOL

Farmchick said...

Hoping you got your new heater put in and all is working fine! I had to laugh at your statement about cold...good thing you aren't living here in would have had to wear a LOT more than that to bed!!! lol Our central air went out this past summer...when it was 90 degrees and 90 percent humidity. These things happen at the worst times don't they?? :)

Nicole said...

Oy, my parents had that bad luck with their AC's this summer, and yes they have 2 units and they both went out at the same time :(

AKPonyGirl said...

Come to Alaska for cold. Four degrees BELOW zero when I loaded the horses yesterday morning. The indoor was only 40* but felt really warm!

My heater is a wood stove. The girl child in in charge of splitting wood and keeping the firewood stacked on the front porch. We usually go through 9 or 10 cords each winter.

Merri said...

so just leave your oven on for heat in your house. that's what a friend of mine does! then you can just keep baking all the time while you're at it.
: )
- The Equestrian Vagabond