Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Naughty List

I think several Crazy M cattle are gonna be on Santa's naughty list this year. It started earlier this week when the husband walked out and noticed the weanlings were out. They took out a stretch of fence. Don't they look so innocent.


He managed to get them back in with the help of Diesel! Can you believe that? Diesel a cow dog. Well, maybe not but he did do more good than harm on this occasion.

On Saturday morning, I went out to go to my hair appointment. Found this girl in the drive.

Crazy Heifer

It wouldn't have been so bad except she's a crazy heifer! I couldn't get her in by myself so I had to get the husband outside to help. I finally walked out thru the pasture to sneak around behind her. Then tried pushing her up to the gate. She actually turned and acted like she was going to run me down at one point. But she made the right decision and headed back into the pasture. But made me late to get my hair cut! The nerve.

We looked out the window this morning and saw the crazy heifer out again. This time we watched her crawl on her knees into the barn (we had the overhead door closed pretty low due to the cold weather). Husband put her back in a little easier this time since she ran thru the fence!

Little bit later, I looked out and about six head were out. Thanks to the crazy heifer's hole in the fence. Why do they decide to act out when it's cold and wet outside? Never on a nice sunny day. Our temporary fix to the "hole".


The husband had to work on the wire.

While he was busy doing that, I was documenting their naughty behavior. Santa will want proof.

I'm thinking a load of coal is headed this way.


Scrappy Doo said...

Seems like you have all the evidence ya need to make a case to Santa
That was too funny :-)

Train Wreck said...

Nope no salt licks for those naughty bovine. But it sounds like Diesel will be getting a stocking? lol

Sydney said...

I got a fence charger here we dont use. Its got a burning cow on it. Seriously I need to take pictures someday. We only ever used one strand of hot wire with it. The only way the cows got out was if they jumped the fence out of scardey ness.

fernvalley01 said...

You need a Skeeter dog! He is getting realy good at working cows. They always look sl inocent right before they bust loose , and you are right its never on a warm afternoon when you have nothing else to do!

Paige said...

I had this sort of experience last week with my ponies. Bastards.

God willing, new fence will be done tomorrow--if the snow holds off. I hope so, as I have had to quit using 32 acres to keep horses in pens and two safer pastures. It looks like a freaking sale barn up in here

Good luck getting crazy heifer under control

Growing Up A Country Girl said...

They are going to wish they never messed with Crazy M -- cute story! Our geldings, Ace and Smoke, when very young were both escape artists... I couldn't wait til they grew taller so it wouldn't be so easy to go under!

Have a great week!

lisa said...

I hate it when they only want out when the weather is nasty and in my case when the hubby is usually gone for the week :(

Anonymous said...

LOL Bad cattle! I bet they get coal from Santa!

Paula said...

At least you'll be warm with all that coal! It always takes a little extra muscle and determination with the horses when we've had them in the barn stalls. To turn them out for exercise takes a strong arm to hold them back and patience to not smack them everytime they try to pull away! They love to run and buck in the cold!

Lil Mama said...

Naughty little critters you got there.

Nancy said...

I have 4 horses who are the escape artist of the state - and it's where you would least expect it. And I have one Dog who thinks he is a cat and can climb - he told on himself the other night and we fixed where he was getting out it was amazing he is so smart!

Anonymous said...

Ya, the worst things.. the most 'not fun' things in life generally happen during poor weather. I think the heifer just did it to make you work outdoors in cold weather. She has that sort of 'attitude'.... I can tell by her photo.

The Blue Ridge Gal

K. T. Sparks said...

Whew I was afraid to open up and see if it was me on the naughty list!!!!

Tammy said...

I wouldn't want to mess with that one! She looks mean!

Those are some HUGE round bales you have there (or little cows LOL!)

Tatersmama said...

Have you tried talking to them? No word of a lie, I have an absolutely feral, escape-artist kid here in care, and when I rang the office to say "no more, find him someone else" they asked if I had tried "talking to him"!!
Yeah right.
I wish I had the option you have. The show those bad ol' cows an old cow skin and say "Lookit THIS! Is THIS what you want to happen to you if you keep getting out and giving me grief???? option"
Pity that.

City girl turned Country Girl said...

Great post!! You sure had me giggling! Now that Heifer is crazy!! On her knee's?! LMAO!! Now I do know the frustrations of these darn cattle when they get out!! We repeatedly have a few dozen breaking into our horse pasture eating up their hay!! And the Husband won't call the owner!! I might strangle him!

Spruce Hill said...

They look very guilty!

~The South Dakota Cowgirl~ said...

You crack me up! Of course they can't be good when it's nice outside! where's the fun in that?