Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Cause I'm Scrappy Like That!

I was "scrapped" by CindyDiane a couple days ago. Now I must tell you 10 tidbits about moi. Look at me gettin' all french on ya! Anyhoo...I'm really not that interesting, so I racked my brain for a day to think of 10 things. I still couldn't come up with all ten so I had to ask the husband if he knew of any. Lordy be here we go!

1. I have never been in a physical fight. But I think I could kick some serious a$$. I've told the husband that if I ever get mad enough to cause physical pain to someone, there will be no stopping me. He will have to literally pull me off. It would be a Ralphie moment (you know the Christmas Story).

2. When the husband and I were in college, he was elected mayor of the small country town where we lived. Let's just say the elderly locals did not appreciate the mayor shackin' up with his girlfriend. I dubbed myself the "Mistress of Penelope".

3. I don't have any children. I don't want any children. Just not my thing. No one has ever said to me, "You would make such a great mother." Actually, my mother said, "You would probably eat your young." Wasn't that sweet of her!

4. The husband has several nicknames for me. They include: Grace, Cow Whisperer, Mapquest, and Master Blaster (yeah, not going to explain that one!).

5. When I laugh really hard, I snort. It's very attractive.

6. If I were a lesbian, I would want a really hot brunette girlfriend. I mean really, who wouldn't?

7. Several months back the husband decided he wanted to wrestle with me. Somehow he got knocked out. The details are very sketchy. One pupil was the size of a penny! He had two knots on his head. I told him I couldn't take him to the hospital 'cause a spousal abuse charge would most likely hinder my career. Needless to say, he hasn't wanted to wrestle since then.

8. I was addicted to Coke. The drink not the drug! It was really bad so about 10 years ago, I quit cold turkey. I released myself from the monster's grasp! Now I drink Sprite Zero. I'll have one in the evenings with supper.

9. I have NEVER gotten a ticket. All the officers I've encountered have been sweet enough to let me off with a warning. I find that the truth is the best policy. I say, "Yep, I know why you stopped me. I was going a little too fast. No real excuse for it either." Luckily, I haven't been stopped in a good long while. I don't care to press my luck anytime soon.

10. I LOVE hockey. Especially the fights. That's why I enjoy minor league hockey the most. They fight more. I am the freak sitting on the ice, banging the glass when the players slam against it on the other side. Yep, my name is The Wife and I am a hockey nut. The husband used to take me to a game every year for my birthday. Since we've moved, it's been harder to make it but I still love it just the same.

Wow, looking back over my list, it seems I have some violent tendencies. Hmmm, let's move on shall we.

Now that I have strained my brain, I want to pass the burden on to others. I would like to know more about the people who follow me. So for all you followers listed over there, if you haven't received the Scrap award yet, take it and tell us something about yourself. Be sure to let me know when you've posted it so I can come check it out.


kdwhorses said...

Oh girl you just crack me up! Wrestling with hubby~poor man couldn't even go to the hospital! He he he!

Never a ticket~WOW!!!


CindyDianne said...

I always get a ticket when I get pulled over. One time, I was speeding to get home because I was sick. I threw up and splashed the cops boots while he had me pulled over. He still gave me a ticket. The Butthead.

That Janie Girl said...

Good scraps, there! I'll have to think about posting mine!

Happy New Year!

Train Wreck said...

OMG We were seperated at BIRTH!!! Sister!! Seriously! I was thinking of posting the "Fight clause" I have never been in a fight either, but by golly I would kick some.. if I was cornered. Or if they pulled my hair! I could be on the bottom, getting the tar kicked out of me, pull my hair? I would come out of that dog pile like a cat thrown in a the creek! er ahem (smoothing out betty crocker apron)Why I don't know what just came over me. (innocent blinking)
So, Brunette girlfirend huh? I have'nt ever thought bout that exactly? hahaha.
You knocked your Cowboy out! Ha! I can't wait till we meet, I will bow down before you!! hahaha!
I have never got a ticket either? Why do they still take your phone number though? he he!
Oh I cold go on and on, we are sooo alike.I will save it til next year at the NFR, I will not forget...

Libby's Library said...

OOOOH - I'd REALLY like to hear more about #'s 4 and 7. Happy New Year...May all your dreams come true!

Mikey said...

#3 made me laugh out loud. Your mom sounds hilarious!!
You craazy girl! Crazy!!!

Anonymous said...

LOL - knocking out your husband! Amazing!

If I were a lesbian, I'd like to have Xena as my girlfriend!! ??

gtyyup said...

You really are a scrapper aren't ya!!

I had to get My Man to help me come up with a few for my list too...interesting how they can come up with tidbits in just moments...juts right off the top of their heads...hmmmmm ;~)

Heather said...

Hmm seems we may be a little similar! I have been in a physical fight though, I was jumped. Then I punched a boy for picking on my sister. That was fun! Other than that I'm a big scardy cat, but if you push to hard you may find me scary!

I also didn't want children then one day I changed my mind and never looked back. I have also been told I would probably eat my young, but they have fared pretty well so far! Ha Ha!

Hubby has a bloody nose story he likes to tell and he makes me all out to be violent, but it was an accident! Really!

You have a great sense of humor!

Tami Weingartner said...

10. too!!!!! Love love love hockey. We had a CHL team the 'Steelhounds' but they got kicked out of the CHL this year. I really miss going to games. Hockey is the only 'major' sport that I watch or follow. The rest I just don't get. I told one of hubbys friends that I would start following football when they start wearing inline skates and get a penalty box.

The W.O.W. factor! said...

Oh dear, let's see....
~I love your Mommas words in #3
~I can picture you snorting Coke..oops it's now Sprite through your nose-not attractive but hilarious!
~Grace? in the mud bog rescueing dogs??? I can relate to Mapquest though.
~Well, what do you know...I think they are all GREAT traits to have!!
So what if you have fightin' pack a gun and wear a vest!!

This was fun to read and reinforced the fact that I should stay clear...of you! I might get hurt...or you might! I've got a few years on you and I've never been in a fight, so I MUST have some pent up fighting skills that need to vent!
Have a spectacular New Year Wifey!

Tatersmama said...

The coffee I was drinkin' ended up on the computer screen, so now I've switched to Coke. At least if I'm snorting something outta my nose again, it doesn't have milk in it. And I'm not sure if I'm shaking because of the sugar high, or that fact that I'm darned scared of you right now...

I did my "Scrap", sort of... so head on over and check it out.

Ed said...

That is pretty funny.. :-)