Saturday, November 8, 2008

Misadventures of the Wife and Kids

We set out on a mission this afternoon...a photography mission. The instructor of my class made our next assignment "autumn colors." The guy should know that our leaves go from green to brown on the ground. There are no beautiful transitions like others elsewhere enjoy. But that was not going to deter me, I was bound and determined to find an orange leaf.

The four kids and I set out on our hunt. We walked along the outside of our pasture thru the neighbor's field. Since our place was an old farm, we only have trees along the fence line. We walked and walked, no luck with our trees. We kept walking past our property line along the edge of the fence just hoping to find something. Still nothing.

Along the very back, there is an opening into another field. I noticed an old barn in the trees on the backside of the field. I had to go check it out. I love old barns and maybe there would be good autumn colors too.

The kids and I made our way over. It was a cool old barn. We walked thru it and all around it. I took a few pics and then walked out behind it. There I found a small tank.

Zena, Warrior Princess, was the first to make her way out to the tank. But she soon bogged down in the mud. The smart little girl she is, she turned and came back. Duke tried his luck too but he didn't get very far before deciding it was not a good idea.

I called all the kids and told them to come back towards the barn. I didn't want anyone trying to get a drink and have problems. Well, about that time, Harley decides he's going out there. I call and yell at him to stay back but the little sucker went on anyways. Soon he was stuck in the mud.

He wallered and strained but there was no way he was budging. He was just wearing himself out making attempts to free himself.

So I'm guessing you want me to put the camera down and get you out?

I don't get very close to him without sinkin'. I ponder the situation for a second then get a big long branch. I try manuvering it under Harley so I can pry him up out of the mud. But that just pisses him off and he bites at the stick.

Fine! I take a big step out and reach. I snag him by his spiked collar and pull him to safety.

What's this? I can't get my leg out!! I am caught by the super strength mud on the back forty near an old barn that the husband doesn't even know about and I left my phone at the house. And I didn't tell anyone where I was going. And he won't get home till after dark. By that time, all the kids will have gone home and left me to die! At this point, I fall to my knees to pray that my handsome doctor will appear out of the sunlite trees and pull me from the death mud.

But I look up and see Zena standing pretty close. I reach out and grab her collar. She looks at me with a look that says, "I may be a warrior princess, but I am not a super dog!" Okay, whatever! I let go of her and try crawling. The mud will not let go of my leg. I muster up all the strenth I can and puuuulllllll!

Holy crap, I got out! Luckily, I wore my lace ups today, otherwise, I would have been one shoe short. And with over a mile trek back to the house that would have sucked! AND I love shoes too much to leave one behind. No man shall be left behind. Oh what a tragedy that would have been!

Anyhoo, I rounded up the kids and started back to the homestead. I felt like my foot weighed an extra 10 lbs. Bet Harley felt that way too!

We made it back and cleaned up. Then took naps. There was a lot of energy exerted today!


Karen J-S said...

What fun!! I've got tears in my eyes...say, isn't that an orange leaf in the first pic of Harley...upper left????!!!???!!! I would say mission accomplished girl!

But (sorry Harley), my favorite pic is Harley's butt...ha...a ranch dog is a ranch matter the breed~

bekah said...

haha poor harley (and your shoe!)

Lil Mama said...

I'am sorry but that is soooo funny!! I am glad you made it out of the trenches with both shoes.

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

A very cute post, love that last little muddy behind. Good thing you got free. I am sure that someone would have sent a search party out to find you.

Paige said...

Man oh man does that bring back memories! On two occasions I have lost shoes in the mud and never were they seen again. One took the husband a d big stick to find.

Even if the colors were not what you wanted, it makes a great story!

The Wife said...

The husband got home last night and said, "Why are your boots all muddy?" I just said, "Go look at the blog."

He came out and said WHAT THE HECK! I pointed at Harley and said it was all HIS fault.

The husband said he was sure glad I had my lace ups on cause he knew I would have him out there today trying to dig up the other shoe if I had lost it! He knows me so well!

The Ranch said...

Oh SO funny! My boys worked for a guy that had a dog like Harley..."cept she was a she and her name was Kasy...he'd take her to get grooomed, bring her back to the ranch, she'd take one look at my boys and dive into the pond and then roll into what ever dirt or, even better, MANURE, she could find then back to the boys as if to say..."THERE!! Now I feel like ME!!""
She did it EVERYTIME she got back from the groomer!
As for leavin' shoes....NO WAY!! A good shoe is hard to come by!
Love the pics...and I think yo should get an "A+" for your assignment!!

kdwhorses said...

Holy cow that's funny! ROTFL!!!! :)

That is some serious mud! Love the harley butt pic!

Kellys said...

I am not putting much into my assignment this week. I think I already got my pictures last week. Unless something jumps out at me, they will have to do....not too enthused.....p

ladyfi said...

That is hilarious! Oh - and Harley's backside is a classic!

Jamie said...

A crisis was averted! Harley is too cute stuck in the mud and all!

Kellys said...

The husband would have come looking for you when it was dinnertime....and we would have looked once you didn't show up for work... :)
No more comments about me falling out of the attic with no one home.... :)

BTW, Could you possibly get anything else on the right side of your blog? The temperature and time maybe? What people are eating for breakfast? :) See ya tonight. We gonna do our last class dinner? p

spanki said...

harley's face says it all. that is so funny, i'd get pissed off if you were shoving a stick at me in my time of need as well!! glad you all made it to safety, and are all rested up. and your fall pic is beautiful!

missy said...

oh my gosh....that is funny now...after you got Harley out safely....i may have gone in to panic mode at some point trying to get Harley out!!!! that was quick thinking!!!!

Tami said...

Oh....thank you for the pictures and wonderfully funny tale (tail).

Tami said...

I swiped a pix and made you my 'blog of the week'. If that is not me and I will take it down.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Great story, poor Harley..his poor little butt looks like it was dipped in chocolate. Too late I already found you from Tami's blog of the week! I really like your blog! :)

spanki said...

you got an award on my blog! go get it girl!!

Train Wreck said...

HAHAHAHA!! Oh sista! You tell the best tales! I am glad you did not get sucked down into the depths of the bog! I would have done the same thing with the stick! I was waiting for the part where he went flying! Thank goodness you left your tiara at home too!Of course you could have used it to get the attention of an plane? Take your phone next time. No losing sisters!

Mikey said...

That last picture KILLS me, lol!!! You poor things!
Too funny!

The W.O.W. factor said...

LOL! WHAT we all do...go through...for our "kids'! We have 2 of those little spoiled Yorkies, and they don't listen well do they??!
(hopefully yours likes bathing better than mine!)
I am so enjoying your tales here TheWife!!