Monday, October 27, 2008

Going Home

Tuesday I got the call that my grandmother passed away from a sudden illness. So I headed home to be with the family. I packed up my stuff and grabbed Harley, my traveling partner, and headed north.

Harley was so excited to go. He loves to travel. Been traveling since he was little to rodeos.

About an hour or so out, we saw the cold front coming in from the north. I knew I was in for some freezing weather at my parent's.

So before we ran into the cold front, this was the temperature at 9:30am.

What a pleasant temperature. It was the last of that! We continued north. Well, according to the picture, west. Near Sweetwater, they have built hundreds of turbines for wind power. Cause Lord knows, there is an abundance of wind up there. They mark the horizon. I think more places should use these.

The cotton fields fill the land around the turbines. I always want to stop and pull the cotton off.

My traveling partner is still happy after 5+ hours.

About an hour from Lubbock the terrain changes. I enjoy driving thru all the ranch land out here.

There are also a lot of oil pumps out this way. You can sure smell the oil. The husband said the first time he drove thru here, he thought something was wrong with his car. He even stopped to check the oil and engine. Silly!

After about 8 hours, I reach the town I grew up in, Hereford. Yep, just like the cow. You can see as far as the eye will let ya. No trees and the wind blows constantly. You can smell the place when you get there. There is more cattle in the county than any other county in the country.

The temperature had dropped twenty degrees. During what should be the warmest part of the day, it was only 50. But that was nothing compared to Friday morning. I took my niece to school and it was a whoping 28 degrees! Holy Mother of Burrrrrr!

The morning I took my niece to school, I stopped by and caught my dad working. He was all bundled up. I told him at least it had warmed to 30 degrees!

While we were there, Harley got very particular about eating. For some reason, he as an aversion about eating his wet food out of plastic or paper. It seems he only likes eating out of "his" bowl. And the good mother I am, I didn't bring it. So mom tried feeding him with a spoon. Yeah, she spoils her granddog!

Then on Saturday, I decided to take my life into the hands of my 15 year old niece. I rode in the truck as she drove to a barrel racing! YIKES!

I can't believe she will be 16 in January! I used to change her diapers. Oh my. She didn't run her best at the barrel racing but she did win the poles and placed 1st in the 2D youth barrels. Here is a look at one of her runs.

Spirit, her horse, was raised by the niece and trained by her as well. I think she has done an excellant job.

So Sunday Harley and I headed home. We arrived to a pleasant 80+ degrees. The husband and critters were extremely happy to see us. It's so nice to be home.


J and J Acres said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your grandmother!

I'm glad that you have a travel companion to keep you company...he is too cute!!

I know what you mean about kids growing up. One of my sisters just turned 16 and it's hard to believe she'll have her license soon!!

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

So very sorry to hear about your Grandmother.


Vaquerogirl said...

What do they say about never being able to go home again? I never believed it. Of course I seldom have left home so what do I know? I am sorry about your Grandmother though. My Granny was a sweety and I miss her every day of my life.

LadyFi said...

Sorry to hear about your grandmother.

I enjoyed the photos and especially the peek at your travelling companion - very sweet!

Bekah said...

im sorry to hear about your grandmother.

You traveling companion sure seems like a good choice!!

The Wife said...

Thanks so much for the warm thoughts.

Harley is an excellant traveling partner.

Paige said...

I am sorry for your loss and glad you are home safely

Jamie said...

I'm sorry to hear about your grandma. Where I'm from the weather changes pretty much every 10 minutes. Harley looks like a happy camper on his "blankie" in the truck.

Anne and Leigh said...

So sorry to hear about your grandmother.

Train Wreck said...

Oh ! I too am sorry to hear about grandma! I am happy to see you had a safe trip. I love you cherry traveling partner! Too cute, Now that is a COW dog!! LOL!! ((Hugs my friend))

Mikey said...

Sorry to hear about your grandmother. That's very tough to go thru. Loved the post though, a peek at Texas! Your niece rocks on those barrels, nice horse there. She did a good job!