Friday, October 10, 2008

Craig's List

Craig's list is a great place. I usually check it out about once a day to see what is listed on the Farm/Garden section. Sometimes there are some pretty good deals. That is where I found our new lease. It is also where we found the "oh-so-bad" mustang! But that comes with the territory when you deal with things such as this.

Today, I was perusing through different sections of the site for entertainment purposes and came across several interesting ads. Take a look at what I found....

Looking for a Dancing Pole
hi, im a mom of 4 children the youngest one is three mo.old and im looking for a fun way to worke out i was told that the dancing pole was a good and fun way to worke if you have a dancing pole and whant to sell it please let me know cant aford much my husband is the onaly one working.but please send pic. and price. thank you

(okay, stay at home mom wanting a stripper pole......that's interesting.)

Toys for Retarded 9 year old
Looking for toys, puzzles, trucks, cars, helicopters, balls for mid retarted 9 year old boy. Lincoln Logs, Tinker Toys. Toys that he can put together and build. Books, kindergarden/first grade level. Education toys. My sister died, and I now have my nephew.

(Wow! If that post title doesn't come out and say loving uncle, I don't know what does. I was quite taken aback by this one!)

Baby Gate
I need a baby gate to keep my animals in the kitchen when we have company..

( the "animals" would be????? I mean, I don't have kids because I think they are little animals. I could see where you'd want to keep them away from the company.)

So do you look at Craig's list? And if so, what is the funniest or most unusual item you've seen listed?


Bekah said...

wow. thats...bad.

I didnt personally find this one, AOL news brought it to my attention, there was one looking for a "drunk clown"

and another looking for "henchmen" as well as "superheroes" ALTHOUGH they were willing to take anyone with a mild interesting deformity (WHAT?!)

Mikey said...

People are bizarre, aren't they? Lol, Craigslist is great for that stuff.

My favorite was a misspelling.

"Gymkhana Hores Wanted"

I had to laugh. I know a few...

J and J Acres said...

I think yours are the most interesting ones I've ever seen. I did see one one time asking for a horse so that they didn't have to cut grass. Uh- what happens in the winter when there's no grass for the horse to eat? People are crazy. And the spellings get a little crazy!!

Train Wreck said...

Hey That is my ad for the Pole!! I have the Carmen Electra tapes. I have surpassed that now I am ready for the Pole!! LMAO!! That is the funniest! Can you imagine walking in to Home Depot..."Excuse me , can you tell me where I can find the Poles for strip teasing?" LOL! You would have the whole store help following you!!hahhahha!