Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My Out of Town Man

I want to introduce you to the man I spend my time with when I'm out of town for work. His name is Bob.

He's not the most talkative guy which is appreciated at times. And he doesn't smile very much, seems to be pretty moody. But look at those abs. He's cut! Reminds me of the husband. That's what he looks like when he takes his shirt off! Love you Hubby!
Going to eat Mexican food tonight. That's U.S. Mexican food. They say the food is better across the border but that's okay, I'll settle for mediocre mexican food. I'm good with that.


kdwhorses said...

He does look p*ssed! But hey nice abs!

Glad you are still in the U.S.!!

Mikey said...

Ok, what in the world do you do that requires Bob here? He does look fierce!

Train Wreck said...

Well of course he is moody! He has no arms! How does he drink his beer! Nice 6 pack!

Anonymous said...

He seems moody - but (h)armless.... (ha ha).

I was born in Mexico, but haven't been there since I was a kid. Is it really as bad as the press make it out to be? Surely not!

BITR Country Girl said...

A man can't drink his beer with no arms....that might be why he looks ticked off.

Kellys said...

just glad you stopped the picture at his waist...... :)

miss ya, p

The Wife said...

Mikey-I work for the federal government. I teach defensive tactics as part of my job.

TW and Jamie-I bet the no arms are the reason for the foul looking face. Didn't even think about the beer drinking.

Ladyfi-Several that live down here say that there are certain towns that are okay but most are pretty dangerous. I don't know personally and didn't take my chances.

P-Like most men, he don't have much going on down there! LOL

Mikey said...

Dang, so you're like, dirty tough on top of being all around cool. I'm jealous!