Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Husband's Home Alone

I traveled to South Texas today for work. Will be down here until Thursday. The husband was not at all looking forward to me leaving. Before Ike, he kept saying I would have to stay due to the storm. I told him I was going the opposite direction from Ike. There should be no problem with the weather. Then he made me show him on the map where I was going and how I was getting there. Now he's freakin' out that I might cross the border into Mexico. I reassured him that I had no intentions to cross the border.

He's afraid some bandito is going to get me!

I'm not going across the border cause I would be the one that gets put in the Mexican jail for reasons unbeknownst to me. That's just my luck and I'm not going to press it here.

I think he really wanted me to stay because while I'm gone, he has to feed all the animals. He made several comments about having to feed everything. So I'm thinking that was more of a reason to keep me around then the mexican bandito fear!


the husband said...

I know that i shouldn't worry about my lil' wife but, i do. She's plenty tuff enough and mean too. Hek she's down there teaching people how to kick butt. How cool is that. I just hope she is careful and watches out for all the crazy's down there.
It's going to be hard taking care of all the animals and what about supper? I reckon i'm a big boy and can manage. Yep, fixed me some good ole hamburger helper tonight. It wasn't too bad either. I guess the animals and I will manage while the wife is gone. I know that we'll be very happy when she gets back home.
Miss ya already babe, have fun and be careful.

Older Sister said...

Hi there kids! Husband I am sure our mom taught us each to take care of ourselves for a few days! When you left home I know we all knew how to make top romin or hamburger helper and Dame says you can make a mean breakfast burrito! I think you'll do fine! Wife, be safe and don't go over the boarder as we want you to return 'cuz I can't imagine anyone else able to take care of the husband quite like you do :) Glad you are both safe from Ike! Take Care and we love the blog as we can atleast keep up with the going ons from you guys! Love you both! ~A

Lady Fi said...

All men turn into quivering jelly when their women go away. Cos then they have to fend for themselves, look after the kids, feed the animals, do the housework and even get their own food.

Oh - the horror!


kdwhorses said...

Hope you have a great trip! I feel the same way about the border, I would be the one that they would lock up for no reason! Too scary for me!

They will be so glad to see you come back!

the husband said...

Hey sis, great to hear from ya. Hope all is well with y'all. Just wanted to say hi. Better get back to my chores. And ya I reckon I can manage by myself for a few days. Tell the kids I said hi.

Train Wreck said...

Aw ! Wife is away husband will play! Blogging anyway!! How sweet! I thought the same thing. We go to San carlos every other year as a family. My husband goes several times a year for fishing tournaments! It is fun! We will take you! And keep you safe!