Sunday, August 31, 2008

Fence Building

We've spent a day and a half building fence this weekend. We need to wean some calves so we had to make a calf-proof pen. Lucky for us, the husband built fence for over 10 years so figuring out how to do it was nothing. Just doin' it was the issue. This was the first free time we've had to do it so everything is crammed into a couple of long days.

The first thing we had to do was use the tractor to get the wire out of the grass. Ya think it's been awhile since we did some fence building!

Here's our wire chia pet!

The crowd grew as we laid everything out.

Here I am working. I do my best work on the ground, less likely to hurt myself there.

The husband tying the ends off. Very tedious work, not for me.
We've almost finished. Have to clip the last remaining 100 feet or so in the morning. Then it's time to work the cattle. Here's hoping that runs smoothly.


kdwhorses said...

Fence building/tending-UGH!!! We did that a few weeks ago tightened our fencing and did repairs!

Good luck with the cattle!

Mikey said...

Oh yes. I just did this. Know EXACTLY how tedious it is, lol. Looks like you're doing a fine job though!!!

Anne and Leigh said...

Looks like you all had a very productive weekend. I must say, I hate building fence!! However your fence looks great!


OneCowgirl said...

I love building fence. We've had alot of rain so we've been fixing water gaps! Can't ever complain about rain!

Train Wreck said...

Look at you "Two man blue crew" Working as hard a a man, is what I am sayin!!And it ryhmed! I love your Chia pet! Crack me up!! We have a few of those too!