Thursday, August 28, 2008


That's right, cows. What else do I really have to talk about. Nothing, so you're getting cows today.

I want to introduce you to Laverne and Shirley. They are not bucking stock, just plain 'ol commercial cows. We bought 'em awhile back to use as recips for our embryos. And they did a spectacular job. They both carried the embryo to term and had sweet little calves. Turns out Laverne is also an excellent babysitter/nurse cow. The calves just love her.

Now their babies have gotten older and don't need them much anymore. So I found the two girls out in the pasture, tending to themselves for a change.

Shirley was polishin' Laverne up.

Maybe she had a hot date with the bull later that evening.

I mean, really, look at that face. What bull could resist it?

Okay, maybe she's not the cutest girl in the pasture but she has a wonderful personality!


kdwhorses said...

AWWWW Lavrene & Shirley~love them! I love watching cows, they are funny little creatures! She is too a pretty girl!

Anonymous said...

I love your cow pictures, cow news and hearing about the bulls too. This is one of my favorite blogs.

The Wife said...

Anonymous-I just love you! thanks for the nice comments.

kdwhorse-we name everything. some are pretty funny. they are about the only thing I have to take pictures of around here so I have lots! Y'all will probably get tired of em.

Jamie said...

Laverne is a "platinum blonde" and Shirley is a "red head"! I bet they are really great mommies too?!

Bekah said...

I love cows. seriously...just the best for a nice relaxing picture. so calm