Monday, July 7, 2008

Holiday Weekend

Man was it nice to have a long weekend. The husband was off Friday and Saturday too. We really enjoyed the time. He did buy me some sparklers for the 4th. But we fell asleep before it got dark so the sparklers are still sitting on the table. Maybe one night this week we can manage to stay awake past dark to light them! Not holding my breath though.

We traveled on Saturday to our most favoritest town. Went to a friend's party that night and bucked a couple of our bulls on Sunday morning. What better way to spend a holiday weekend. Our two year old bull, Death Wish, did well. He's still pretty big. Once he gets used to his new weight, I think he will be awesome. I downloaded the clip of him bucking below.

The other bull we bucked, Boss Hog, was less than spectacular. He's not out of any of our stock. The husband had traded another stock contractor for him and his momma. I think we are going to have a freezer full of prime Boss Hog steaks. He's gonna be good for something.

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Kellys said...

Oh come on now.....what is wrong with Waco?? or even Riesel, for that matter??.....p