Sunday, June 8, 2008

Quick Trip

Just got back home from our world wind trip. Made it to Seattle late Thursday night. Guess what, it was rainin'. Got up Friday morning, guess what, it was rainin'. Drove over the pass to Wenatchee that morning, guess was SNOWIN'!

Thirty something degrees. Little chilly coming from the high 90s! Got over the pass and to Wenatchee, the sun was shining. Thank the Lord! But don't be fooled, it was still jacket wearin' weather.

The nephew got graduated. Again, thank the Lord!

That's his momma giving him his diploma. Sorry, bad picture takin' there. Celebrated his graduation the next afternoon with a party. Great party. Family came out of the woodwork. Saw people I had never seen before and some I hadn't seen in 10+ years. Will have those pictures coming this week.

Headed back to Seattle Saturday nite and caught an early flight home. Arrived back in Texas to 90+ degree weather. Sweatin' as I type actually. All the kids were happy to see us.They busted into the car when the door was opened. Just couldn't wait for some lovin'. Sure is good to be home.

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