Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Old Stuff

I am really getting into this photography stuff. With the wildflowers dying off, I moved on to old barns and stuff. I stopped along the road near the house and took a few pictures. My co-worker says I sure like to take pictures of "things" and not people. I told her there aren't a lot of people out here. So I take what's around. Plus the husband reminds me that I am not a people person and do much better with inanimate objects.
I don't know why I liked this gate but I did and took a picture of it. I am trying to adjust color, light, etc on my pics. Wanted to spruce them up a little. I'm thinkin' about getting a photoshop program. It's not like I know what I am doing anyways. I'll start with a beginner program and see how it goes.
The husband is positive we are going to win the lotto. I told him we would buy a big ranch and I would spend my days riding around checking cattle and taking pictures. That would be the ultimate! I could get all kinds of neat photography stuff then. Just hope he keeps buying those tickets cause I never do.

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Kellys said...

Try the old building shot again early in the morning or late in the afternoon when the shadows are long. You will notice a difference. Also change to black and white for a different look......p