Wednesday, June 18, 2008

New Pasture Fence

It took a year and a half but we finally built fence along the west side of our place. It was the only side that didn't have fence when we moved in. The husband had originally planned to build it right after we moved. He even dug the holes by hand. But it wouldn't stop raining during the process and he got his truck stuck over and over and over again. One time we had to get the neighbor's huge stagger (enormous 8 wheel tractor) to get the husband's truck out of the mud. And the neighbor almost got stuck! So the task was put off until it dried out. We put up electric fence for awhile but the bull decided he liked the cows down the road. After wrangling him, we decided to just keep everything off that side of the property.
Finally, we got a fence builder to come out and get it done. I know it killed the husband to have someone come and build fence. But with his job, he just didn't have the time. It's amazing how much it costs to put posts in the ground and string wire. The material is outrageous right now too. But we did it and glad of it. Now on to the other home place improvements.........

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