Sunday, June 22, 2008

Burn & Firm

Thursday evening, I decided to take a class at the gym called "Burn and Firm." The more appropriate name for it is "Torture and Mame." But I guess that would scare people off so they go with the more positive approach. The class is an hour of lifting weights and squats. Now, I lift weights quite often but I haven't done squats in, uhhhhh, let's say....years. At the beginning of the class, I thought to myself, ahhh, this ain't to bad. By the end, my legs were shaking uncontrollably. Really, I thought if someone comes by the door and sees me, they are going to rush in and put a stick in between my teeth, thinking I was convulsing. I came home feeling like jello and feared the days to come. Sure enough, Friday the soreness began to set in. But it wasn't too bad. Friday night, I told the husband not to call in the morning cause I didn't know how long it would take to get out of bed. Oh baby, was I sore Saturday. I went to town to do some grocery shopping. I would try to watch myself in reflections to see how stupid I was walking. I know people were pointing and snickering behind my back. I just couldn't make my legs work properly. It was pretty pathetic. But this morning, I had a little more spring in my step. And by Tuesday, the next class day, I will be ready for more Torture and Mame! Oh yeah, I'm going back. I will win this battle if it kills me, which it may!!

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