Sunday, June 1, 2008

And the Winner Is.......

Not us! But we did come in second. Yeah! We won two of the four events, branding and wild donkey riding. I am very proud of my team. They all did great. We're a rough looking bunch of women, huh!
The husband was in charge of taking video of the event for you. He tried his hardest. He found it hard to yell and watch what he was doing at the same time. But here are some of the videos he took. I couldn't get them all to work but the two events we won are here. Try not to get motion sickness!
This was our branding. It seemed like we were moving lots faster during the actual event. I think the video is on slow speed or something. Hey, we won this event! Don't matter.

This was our wild donkey riding. The rules stated you had to be on the donkey when it crossed the line at the opposite side of the arena. Well, all the other teams wussed out and ran their donkeys down the arena, then someone would jump on it just to cross the line. My team got on the donkey and rode it all the way. No wusses here. Plus the donkeys didn't seem that wild. I had a strategy though. I brought donkey treats and while our's was still in the chute, I feed 'em.

This was the team getting our prizes for 2nd place. Sure would have liked those buckles, but I got a bucket full of stuff. Better than a poke in the eye!

Well, that's my story about the ranch rodeo. Didn't get mangled or broken. I did, however, get the skin of my forearm caught in the seatbelt clasp on the way home. Took off some skin and pinched me pretty good. The husband said I had to put that on the blog. Managed to compete in an entire ranch rodeo without a scratch but on the ride home got hurt. What can I say, I'm talented like that.

My co-worker was there taking pictures too. She is going to have them on her blog later today. You can click on her blog under my favorite links and see what she took if you're interested.

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Mikey said...

Oh goodness, rotfl!!! Those videos were classic. The donkey was hilarious, but y'all did SUCH A GOOD JOB!! When you started out I thought, no way... but you did. Most excellent!!
Hubby and I do this one kids gymkhana every year and we ALL participate. Very small town where we know everyone. Rescue race, crawl the barrel, cowhide race.. You just gotta laugh and have a good time. It makes for great video :)