Friday, May 16, 2008

On a Mission

I am on a mission this weekend. Let me fill you in. In the pasture across the road from our place are buffalo. I have been waiting years for one to have a baby. Yesterday, as I pulled in from work, I looked over and to my surprise, THERE WAS A BABY BUFFALO! Of course, I had to take a picture and post it on the blog. Well, dag gum, the momma has it too far away. So I come on home and start feeding the animals. I walk back out to the road and glimpse over to see if she's decided to work with me but she hasn't. About that time, the Husband calls me and asks what I am doing. I tell him I am admiring the baby and wanting so badly to take its picture. So he tells me to go get some cubes (cattle feed) and pour it over the fence. Surely that will get it closer. So I trudge back down the drive to the barn and fill a bucket with cubes. I'm thinkin', "all right, missy, this is it. You can't resist staying away now." I pour the cubes out and all the other buffalo come to me. No problem.....well, one problem, she still won't budge. And then Duke starts barking, then Pepper and Zena start trying to get into the pasture to get the buffalo. I'm yelling and swatting, no wonder she won't get any closer. So I holler at the dogs to get back and we go sit up the drive and wait. I figure I can wait her out. She'll be curious about the food and make her way over. And what do you know, looky there, here she comes. So I grab the camera and head that way. Well so does Duke, barking all the while. "SHUT UP DUKE!" He just doesn't quite understand the concept of sneaking. Before I could even think about getting a shot, momma turns around and heads to the back. DANG IT! So I gave up.

Today when I came in, I thought maybe she would be waiting for me by the road, all proud to show me her baby. NOT! Still in the back. What is up with this momma? All mothers want their babies pictures taken. I was all prepared too. Had the camera turned on, rolled down the window, finger hovering ever so slightly over the button. What disappointment. Then the Husband calls and asks, "Did you get the picture?" NO!

So this weekend, it is my mission to take a picture of the baby buffalo. By Monday morning, a photo of the baby will be published on my blog. If I have to go climb thru the fence and chase the sucker down, it will be done. Wish me luck!

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Kellys said...

If momma gets after you, just don't go callin' in sick on Monday morning.... :)