Monday, May 26, 2008

Here Come the Bulls

The husband and I went back to what we consider our hometown this weekend. We took three of our young bulls in hopes that we could buck 'em. Only one was ready though. So I would like to show off Stubby. He's for sale if anyone is interested! ;o)

I was pretty proud cause he's out of what the husband calls "my lawn ornaments." His momma is one of my longhorns. Plus he was bellerin' the whole time he bucked. I love that! I had told the husband that he was going to surprise him but he didn't believe me. Just goes to show he needs to start listening to me more.

1 comment:

Kellys said...

I wasn't for sure for a minute what was tied on his come you guys don't put little monkeys on there? What a trip!!

See you tomorrow. pk