Thursday, April 17, 2014

Whoa Nelly!

Where did the time go? I haven't posted since the beginning of April! I guess that's a good thing if I have nothing to report. We've just been doing the normal routine around here. The husband got the pens completed. It's so nice to have swinging gates that actually work!! We also were able to watch Long Shot perform close to home a few weekends ago. A PBR Touring Pro came to town and he was entered in the bull classic. And guess what, he won! So we enjoyed seeing that. It's nice to watch a bull you raised do so well. The husband, his dad and friend went fishing yesterday. I was told he's now the "Catfish King". I don't know about all that but he did send me this picture.
The husband has tests all next week. Blood work, new scan, all that jazz. Then we'll head back on 4/30 to see how his cancer reacted to the treatment. It seems like it has taken FOREVER to get here. That's it for now. Sorry the post all runs together. I couldn't get it to work right for me. Peace out!


Shirley said...

So, did you fry up that catfish?
Hope all is well and the Husband is on the road back to health.
Saw the videos of Long Shot on FB- he sure can buck!

Sherry Sikstrom said...

Hope the results are promising

lisa said...

Nice Fish! Hope the tests come back with positive results!

Unknown said...

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